A Forensic Framework for Skype

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A Cross Platform Forensic Framework for Skype


What is this all about?

This is a small idea of mine. A full open source forensic framework for Skype. I love to analyze applications and explore how things work behind the scenes. The main goal of this application is to aid in forensic investigations.

What is so special in this?

Actually there are many other tools which could the same thing, but I thought writing a open source tool to help people understand what is really going on and anyone can customize this according their needs.

Will there be a big Forensic framework?

Yes me, Hood3dRob1n and Nick Knight are planning a full fledged forensic framework including most famous applications such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc. This will be available in Python, Ruby and PHP.


None of the application you use today are safe. They often log what all you do. Do not use this application without any kind of permissions because it would result in violation of privacy. The author takes no responsibility of any kind of damage you cause. Please use this for educational purposes only.

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